The Way of the Yoik

The essentials on the way to learning the art of yoik.

After this course you will know what yoik is, be able to recognize the different styles of yoiks, know a few traditional yoiks, and have the means to make your own yoiks.

“The way of the Yoik” is an excellent tool if you are in any of the following situations: 
  •  you have Sami background but have grown up in another society, for example Scandinavian or American.
  •  you resonate with ethnic/world/folk culture and music, and want to dive deeper into it.
  •  you are Sami but have not learned yoik.
  •  you know how to yoik, but want new perspective, input and inspirations.

Through this course you will get:
  • Understanding of the Sami People and Sápmi - the land where we live.
  • A thorough insight into what yoik is, and who and what you can yoik
  • Practice companions to learn a few traditional Sami yoiks
  • A foundation for making your own yoiks
  • Assignments and bonuses

This course is set up as short video-seminars. 

Course overview
First mile - The facts

Step 1

The Sami People and Sapmi

  1.  What and where is Sápmi - part 1
  2.    What and where is Sápmi - part 2

Step 2

What is yoik?

  1. Facts about yoik
  2. Categories of yoiks
  3. Components of yoik

Second mile - The tradtional yoiks

Step 3

Yoik Technique

  1. Catch the yoik
  2. Make it sound like a yoik

Step 4

Learn traditional joiks

Third mile - The use of yoik

Step 5 - How to use joik

  1. Who can yoik?
  2. What can you joik?
  3. How you can make a yoik yourself 
  4. How Elin uses yoik
  5. Bonus: Meditation: Find your own yoik voice

Bonus: Step 6

Shamanism and yoik

  1. How yoik is used is Shamanism
  2. Jungle´s Story
  3. Drum journey
The course price includes:

  • Online informative videos, pdfs with summary and links to more sources.
  • Practice companions (online video and downloadable audio).
  • One live Q&A session online.
  • A couple of bonuses.
  • One-on-one session with Elin to get personal feedback.

    14 days money-back guarantee
The Way of The Yoik

After this course you will know what yoik is, be able to recognize the different styles of yoiks, and have the means to yoik and make your own yoiks. 


"I needed flexibility, perfect for at your own pace. The joy this has brought back into my life; I did not realize in the beginning how strongly this would re connect me with my childhood. I am still working on course and its ok to go slow." - Erin Anne Rager, sept 2020. 

"Valuable teaching for a very reasonable tuition cost. I’m enjoying the course and learning, gaining a deeper understanding." - Ginger Mayorga, sept 2020.
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Who are we?

Elin Kåven and Jungle Svonni are both northern Samis with interest in preserving the traditional way of Sami lifestyle.
They built the blog for this topic. 

Elin Kåven is a Sami singer, songwriter and yoiker from Karasjok. 
Jungle Svonni is a sami wisdomkeeper from one of the most isolated and traditional reindeer-herding districts in Northern Sápmi.
Elin Kåven · Komsaveien 18 · 9511 Alta · Norway
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